Shipping methods and Pricing

*Note: All shipping methods take 2-3 days to produce, after which the delivery time will be calculated.

For example: 2-3 days in production + 4-6 days Economy shipping method = 6-9 days you will receive the order.

It is only expected. May take longer due to shipping unit.

  • Economy (Default)$4.99$4.99 1st item + $1.50 each additional item

Economy method is the most cost-efficient form of ground shipping. It is best used with customers who aren’t in rush to get their product(s) delivered. Ship time ranges from 4-6 business days depending on proximity to Detroit, MI. 


$ 4.99 + $ 1.5 each additional item

Other countries

$7.50 + $5.95 each additional item

  • Ground$10$10 1st item + $.75 each additional item

Ground is UPS Ground, ship time is displayed in the map below which depends on proximity to Detroit, MI. 

If you choose Ground for Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico, you will automatically be upgraded to 2-day shipping ($20 1st item + $ 2 each additional).

Cannot be delivered to a PO Box. 

customcat shipping methods
  • Two-Day $20 1st item + $2 each additional item

The package will be delivered within two days of post-production. Cannot be delivered to a PO Box. 

  • Overnight $25 1st item + $3 each additional item

The package will be delivered standard overnight post-production. Cannot be delivered to a PO box. 

  • International $7.50 + $5.95 for each additional item in the order to anywhere outside of the US.

Ship time ranges from 1-4 weeks depending on proximity to Detroit, MI.

We ship worldwide, but full tracking (marked as delivered on tracking) is only provided for these specific countries:

For any countries not listed above, tracking stops once the package is handed over to the country’s international carrier.

For these countries we do not receive additional tracking updates, therefore we are not liable once they have been given to the international carrier.

We do not ship to the following countries: Cuba, Falkland Islands, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, and Sudan. 

IMPORTANT: Kanji, Foreign Characters, Accents, and other special characters cannot be used for shipping addresses.

Sell Longer Into Holidays

Sometimes life gets in a way. Streamlined shipping allows customers to grab those last minute deals and make you more money.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

CustomCat understands that when it comes to customer loyalty and happiness – shipping speed and cost are the main factors of running a successful business. The quicker the customer gets their hands on the product the better. Satisfied customers stay loyal to your business much more likely than unhappy customers.

Grow Your Audience

Word-of-mouth travels fast. Customer satisfaction goes a long way.  Satisfied customers are more likely to give a 5-star rating. Longer shipping times are the reason for social media backlash from unhappy customers. On a happy note, we believe that you know what’s best for your business and that you make the right choices by adding this new feature.

Increase AOV

You are more likely to see an increase in average order value due to the fact that customers pay extra for faster shipping (2-day & overnight) because who wants to pay more for shipping when you can do it all at once. In return, the drop shipping process becomes more simple and efficient.  

Break Down Barriers

In today’s DNA age e-commerce stores compete with each and large in-store retailers as well. In-store retailers offer instant gratification at no shipping cost. With e-commerce being on the rise, shipping is one of the most important factors that drive businesses forward. 

Develop Strong Message

Include faster shipping in your marketing message. All companies do it, you should too!  

Avoid Lost Items

Lost items make customers growl. Who wants that? Fast delivery minimizes the risk of the item being lost. Decrease the time the package spends on the road and win the hearts of your customers today! 

Boost Your Business

Some people want their items delivered yesterday. People are willing to spend the extra couple of dollars to get the item quickly. Adding a variety of shipping options will help increase your sales and boost your business. Always keep reinvesting into yourself, whether it means learning about design or adding new customer shipping feature to your store.